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Who We Are

UrVirtualAssist (Your Virtual Assist) is a virtual assistance service provider from India and we had started in 2015. We’re not just capable, we’re effective. We have reliable and professional Indian talents. We provide full-time or part time virtual assistants with college degrees, solid experience, and proficiency of the English language, both verbal and written. Our HR Team carefully screens VA job applications and conducts rigorous assessments to make sure we deploy expert-level virtual assistants.


To be the most trusted and inventive Marketplace by giving remarkable client venture.


To fabricate and improve an easy to understand Digital Marketplace that enhances Customers, Partners and Society.


To make your transfer as easy and successful as possible, We provide a full variety of valuation and implementive services.

Our Features

UrVirtualAssist virtual assistance service -provides administrative and executive support that is as comprehensive as it is affordable. Our hands-on approach will provide all the support for keeping your back office healthy. If you need a break, we can manage your work for you allowing you to enjoy more free time without ever sacrificing the professional services and your company needs.

UrVirtualAssist provides the service for Individual, Small, Mid, and big businesses to reduce cost, increase productivity, and concentrate on core tasks. By hiring us, you get access to personnel with an impressive work experience team, who provides help in administrative tasks and accounting to calendar management, appointment setup, customer support, website designing, software development, wordpress website, mobile app development, digital marketing, domain booking and website hosting etc.

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Our Clients Are Like Family

It’s heartwarming to hear that UrVirtualAssist company views their clients as part of the family. When you treat your clients as family, you foster a strong sense of connection, trust, and loyalty, which can lead to numerous benefits for both your business and your clients:

Trust and Reliability: We treat our clients as family helps build trust and reliability. Clients feel more comfortable working with a company they trust, knowing that their best interests are always considered.

Personalized Service: Just as we would tailor your interactions with family members, treating clients like family means providing personalized service and addressing their unique needs.

Our Team

Sandeep Rai

Chief Technical Officer

Ravindra Shori

Marketing Manager

Rose Alpha

Operation Manager